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Rene Klein
Position: Landlord and Head Chef
Strength: Cool, calm and passionate
Weakness: Not having enough time in the day
Hobbies: Frisbee, golf, guitar
Nickname: The King
Preferred Drink: Fizzy Pink

Ali Klein
Position: Landlady and full-time mum
Strength: Knowing the customers and winding up the staff
Weakness: Cosmopolitans (on Saturday nights!)
Hobbies: Shopping
Nickname: Pearl
Preferred Drink: Cosmopolitan

Sophie Catherine
Position: Waitress
Loves: Being at work
Strength: Always smiling / loyalty
Weakness: Texting Ali
Likes: To dance and sing
Hobbies: Dancing and singing
Nickname: Soph
Preferred food: Bacon

Nicola Saul
Position: General Manager
Loves: Spending money & Bernard
Strength: Being a jack of all trades
Weakness: Spritzas and her phone
Likes: Happy positive people
Hobbies: Drinking on days off
Nickname: Ming, Nikki
Preferred Drink: Spritzas
Preferred food: Steak and Béarnaise

Jack Billingham
Position: Head Chef
Loves: Life
Strength: Making everyone laugh
Weakness: The waitresses
Hobbies: Drums and Guitar
Nickname: Jackie 'o' Jackie
Preferred Drink: Wine

Mollie Taylor
Position: Waitress
Strength: Very kind and honest
Weakness: Wont work full time
Nickname: Mol

Kate Klein
Position: Waitress
Strength: Attentive
Weakness: Chips and Gravy on a sunday
Hobbies: Travelling and Shopping
Nickname: Katekate
Preferred Drink: Keywest Cooler

Rosie Hitchcox
Position: Waitress
Strength: Talking to customers
Weakness: Chocolate
Hobbies: Sleeping
Nickname: Rosie Posy
Preferred Drink: Coke

Rob Macrae
Position: Head Chef
Strength: Giving Rene nights off
Nickname: Rabbi

Michael Hikl
Position: Chef
Loves: Crisps
Hobbies: Gaming & Gambling
Preferred Drink: Water
Preferred food: Risotto

Elise Lowe
Position: Waitress
Loves: Going on Holiday
Strength: Works well under pressure
Weakness: Only does the odd shift
Likes: Films
Hobbies: Gym
Preferred Drink: Cocktails
Preferred food: Italian

Amanda Tagg
Position: Waitress
Loves: Made in chelsea
Strength: So Friendly and caring
Weakness: Only works 2 days a week
Likes: Sunshine
Hobbies: Gym
Nickname: Mands
Preferred Drink: Prosecco
Preferred food: Italian

Jade Monaghan
Position: Bar/ Waitress
Strength: Being so happy all the time
Weakness: Only works part time
Nickname: Jadey

Kirtsie Pendry
Position: Bar/ Waitress
Loves: Nikki
Strength: Queen of the bar
Weakness: Only works party time
Likes: Drinking
Hobbies: Puppies and snuggles
Nickname: Kirst
Preferred Drink: St Germain
Preferred food: Dauphinoise potatoes

Matthew Scheel
Position: Waiter
Loves: interacting with guests
Weakness: Talks to much
Likes: Pretty girls
Hobbies: Travelling and skydiving
Nickname: Matty
Preferred food: Potato bake

Position: Manger
Strength: Works her heart out
Weakness: Will never be able to find one
Hobbies: Gardening
Nickname: Twange, The coot
Preferred Drink: Pint of larger or good red

And some faces from the past...

Joel Kenton
Position: Chef
Strength: Made a damn good curry
Weakness: Grumpy bugger
Hobbies: Golf
Nickname: Horse
Preferred Drink: Guinness

Paul Hughson
Position: Chef
Strength: On-site photographer
Weakness: Now works in Norway
Hobbies: Wearing chinos, and snapping shots of the rich and famous
Preferred Drink: Cloudy Bay

Martin Szym
Position: Chef
Strength: A rock, reliable, witty
Weakness: 24hr series
Hobbies: Facebook and Speedway
Nickname: Merlin
Preferred Drink: Vodka
Preferred food: Fish

Josh Edmunds
Position: Bar Manager
Strength: Coffee making is sublime
Weakness: His alarm clock Hobbies: Golf
Nickname: Big Boy
Preferred Drink: Coffee

Chris Conrer
Position: Front of House Manager
Strength: Controlling Robbie
Weakness: Organisation and tweaking
Hobbies: Surfing and guitar
Nickname: Poppy
Preferred Drink: Rum and Coke (Havana yeah!)
Preferred food: Sunday roast

Amber Long
Position: Admin and waitress
Strength: Tolerating the boys
Weakness: Buscuits
Hobbies: Darts

Steph Boyland
Position: Waitress
Strength: Her bubbliness
Weakness: She likes to party

Position: Gardner
Strength: The garden in summer (amazing!)
Weakness: Smokes like a chimney
Nickname: Tom Cruise

Jessie Hollis
Position: Waitress
Strength: Likes to be in charge
Weakness: Her phone
Nickname: Jessie J

Position: Waitress
Strength: Reliable
Weakness: Easily confused
Hobbies: Photography
Preferred Drink: Cider

Sue Faber
Position: Cleaner
Strength: Dependable
Weakness: Vodka
Hobbies: Boating and drinking
Nickname: Suegan
Preferred Drink: Vodka

Hayley Nunnerlay
Position: Waitress
Strength: Customer service
Weakness: Telling the boss what to do
Hobbies: Hockey
Preferred Drink: Cheeky Vimto

Emma Berry
Position: Waitress
Strength: Selling the specials
Weakness: iPhone and shopping
Hobbies: Watching live music concerts

Will Grant
Position: Pastry chef / kitchen porter
Strength: Making good desserts
Weakness: Not checking the rota
Nickname: Will Young

Artur Kucia
Strength: Cool as a cucumber under pressure
Weakness: Forgetting sweetcorn relish on the prawn cocktails
Hobbies: Krav Maga

Hannah Edmunds
Strength: Makes quirky desserts
Weakness: The amount of ciggy breaks
Hobbies: Golf and music

Simon Padley
Position: Kitchen Hand
Strength: Making dishes vanish
Weakness: Drinks too much monster energy drinks
Likes: Rock music and gigs

Fraser James
Position: Waiter / Bar
Strength: Reliable / always dressed smart
Weakness: Crashing his motorbike
Preferred Drink: Morgan spice and coke

Chloe Shallcross
Position: Bar / Waitress
Strength: Checking messages / emails / reliable
Weakness: Early mornings / answering phone too quickly!
Nickname: Crabbies

Rory Tait
Position: Chef
Strength: MEP always making people laugh
Weakness: His cars
Nickname: Mr. Roy
Preferred Drink: Morgan spice and coke

Slawek Niedziela
Position: Chef de patisserie
Strength: Cheesecakes / building handy man / vodka
Weakness: Stella
Nickname: Sunday

Olivia Hunter
Position: Waitress
Strength: Always smiling
Weakness: Talking to Jules
Hobbies: To party

Tomasz Wojdyla
Position: Chef
Strength: Efficient
Weakness: Ciggy breaks
Hobbies: Weights and boxing
Nickname: Tommo
Preferred Drink: Larger

Ben Catherine
Strength: Always looks dapper
Hobbies: Shopping and travelling
Preferred Drink: Vodka and orange, larger and lime

Lauren Gaskill
Position: Front of House Manager
Strength: Positive and reliable
Weakness: Haven't found one yet

Helen Budd
Position: Pastry chef
Strength: Always makes people happy
Weakness: Talks too much
Hobbies: Drinking and dancing
Preferred Drink: Double Archers and Lemonade

Lucy Parkes
Position: Bar / Waitress
Strength: Efficient
Weakness: Smashing Glasses
Hobbies: Planning Travelling trips
Nickname: Juicy Lucy
Preferred Drink: Rum and Soda

Chloe Haynes
Position: Waitress
Strength: Talking to customers
Weakness: Haven't found one
Hobbies: Horse riding
Nickname: Chlo
Preferred Drink: Archers and Lemonade

Hannah Thompson
Position: Barmaid
Strength: Pulling a good pint
Weakness: Scratching with Ming and Ali
Hobbies: Drinking
Nickname: Boo
Preferred Drink: Champagne

Albert Rapa
Position: Dessert Chef
Strength: Never stops working
Weakness: Haven't found one
Nickname: Anton Dec
Preferred Drink: Larger

Josie Scouse
Position: Waitress
Strength: Attentive
Weakness: Shots
Hobbies: Spending time with friends
Nickname: Jose
Preferred Drink: The Bramble

Dave Ashton
Position: Dessert Chef
Loves: Running
Strength: Speed
Weakness: Forgetfulness
Hobbies: Running
Nickname: Speedy Dave
Preferred Drink: Bitter

Lewis Bullard
Position: KP
Strength: Speed
Weakness: Forgetful
Hobbies: Football and Golf
Preferred Drink: Lemon fanta

Oceane Fayolle
Position: Waitress
Strength: Serving Wine
Weakness: Telling Robbie what to do
Hobbies: Tennis
Nickname: Soso
Preferred Drink: Iced Tea

Robert Waterman
Position: Floor Manager
Loves: Drinking
Strength: Working with Customers
Weakness: Lager
Nickname: Robbie Williams
Preferred Drink: Havana and coke

Jenny Hancox
Position: Waitress
Strength: Always smiling
Weakness: Talking to Rosie
Nickname: Jenny H

David Key
Position: Car Park Manager
Strength: Efficient
Weakness: Beer
Likes: Boating
Nickname: Dave the Boat, D 2 the B
Preferred Drink: Hooky Bitter
Preferred food: Anything but another Sunday roast

Position: Chef
Strength: Staff lunches
Weakness: Ladies in tights
Likes: xbox and guitar
Nickname: Pancho
Preferred Drink: Guinness

Position: Waitress
Loves: Working
Strength: Speed
Weakness: Speed

Position: Bar
Loves: Singing
Weakness: Getting in the way
Hobbies: Piano
Nickname: Bear

Kyle Walker
Position: Head Chef
Strength: Cool under pressure
Weakness: Drinking
Nickname: Walker
Preferred Drink: Double JD & Coke

Sam Grimsley
Position: Waiter
Strength: Always looking smart
Nickname: Samantha
Preferred Drink: Whiskey & Coke
Preferred food: Croissant

Juliette O'connor
Position: Waitress
Strength: Sunday Nights
Weakness: Ditsy
Hobbies: Horse riding
Nickname: DW

David Paine
Position: Chef
Strength: Keeping Calm
Weakness: Early mornings
Likes: Play station and wolves football club
Nickname: Buff
Preferred Drink: Kopparberg

Celina Guingand
Position: Waitress
Strength: Organised
Weakness: Moaning about Robbie
Hobbies: Running and swimming
Nickname: Nina
Preferred Drink: J20

Ellie Burge
Position: Waitress / Bar
Strength: Friendly
Weakness: Cant reach the top shelf
Hobbies: Dancing
Nickname: Ellz
Preferred Drink: Wine
Preferred food: Sunday Roast

Luca Catania
Position: Waiter
Strength: Smart
Weakness: Wont work full time
Hobbies: Football
Nickname: Lucs
Preferred Drink: Malibu & coke
Preferred food: Indian

Tyler Tredwell
Position: Chef
Loves: His car
Weakness: Talking
Likes: The gym
Nickname: Ty
Preferred Drink: Buillet bourbon & coke
Preferred food: Jerk Chicken

George Mole
Position: Waiter
Loves: Drinking and banter
Strength: making everyone laugh
Weakness: Dopey & never irons his shirt
Likes: Working at the GWA
Hobbies: Travelling, football and Rugby
Nickname: Mole
Preferred Drink: Ale
Preferred food: Scampi & Steak

Alice May Tredwell
Position: Front & back of house
Loves: Boys
Strength: Being able to put up with the kitchen staff
Weakness: Fall out with Tyler
Likes: Make up and tattoos
Nickname: Alz

Sophie Kelso
Position: Waitress
Loves: Talking
Weakness: Clumsy
Likes: The gym
Nickname: Soph
Preferred Drink: Coke
Preferred food: Cajun chicken sandwiches

Harry Collins
Position: Waiter
Loves: Sport
Strength: Enthusiastic
Weakness: Skidding around
Likes: Saying 'FANTASTIC'
Hobbies: Biking
Nickname: Hazza
Preferred Drink: JD and coke
Preferred food: Roast

Robert Steele
Position: Chef
Hobbies: Photography and skiing
Nickname: Rob
Preferred Drink: Larger
Preferred food: Goulash

Nathan Shaw
Position: Waiter
Loves: Musical theatre
Strength: Customer service
Weakness: Eating chips
Hobbies: Dancing
Nickname: Nath
Preferred food: Paella

Rhys D
Position: Barman
Likes: hedgehogs in the garden
Hobbies: Drawing
Preferred food: Every food

Jenny Price
Position: Waitress
Strength: Being kind to everyone
Weakness: Stealing all the pens
Hobbies: Piano
Nickname: Jenny Bear

Lukas Velech
Position: Kitchen porter
Loves: Football
Strength: Ambitious
Likes: Shopping
Nickname: Lucas
Preferred Drink: Double espresso
Preferred food: Italian food

Aneta Janeckova
Position: Waitress
Loves: Trying new food
Weakness: Confused
Likes: Travelling
Nickname: Anett
Preferred Drink: Rum and coke
Preferred food: Italian